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We are Excited to Share Our Top 3 Ways to Increase Your Sales On Etsy!

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March 29, 2018 1pm EST

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How do I increase My sales on Etsy? Sharing Our Top Three Ways to Increase Sales On Etsy, and what you can do today to get those customers to your storefront, engage your customers, and sell them a great package deal! Excited to meet everyone and share what we have learned on Etsy and in Our Small Business Ventures over the last 25 Years. I have 25 years experience
and 6 as a Successful Etsy Shop Seller.

You can Search On Etsy Blue Bouquet, Malibu Blue Bouquet, or
Yellow Bouquet, Or any Bouquet and Mostly Our Bouquets come
up on the First Page, being on the First Page is your best friend in
securing a Sale! Questions Email Us

Thank you & Happy Sales! Kim L King, CEO, SFBJ

Included in Live March 29 Webinar:

- We Share Our #1 Way to Increase Your Sales By 5x Today!

- Being On The First Page makes sales.

- How do I get my products on the First page?

- How do I get seen first in searches?

- 10 minutes to a Etsy Listing That Sells

- Sample Title/Tag Listing

- We Tell You What to Include In Your Personal Story On Etsy!

- Free Easy Fill In The Blank Personal Story Template

- How to Respond To Every Customer To Secure A Sale!


I am often asked; how did our Successful online floral business get started? How did I quit my day job and make My 100% Online Business My Full Time Income? Well, It has been an awesome ride that started in 2010, and we are enjoying every minute of it! 

As an avid Gardener, Crafter, Photographer, Website Designer, Mom & Registered Nurse for the last 25 years, I integrate my passion for People & Creativity, and my attention to detail to run a Successful Online Floral Wedding Business For Over 8 Years. I Now Develop and Teach Others How to Do The same in series of Easy Webinars. Short Webinars 5-30 mins that will help you make a Positive Outcome toward Your Financial & Time Freedom! 

Moving back to My Hometown after years of living away, it was My Mom who created a simple silk bouquet for my wedding, shortly after Silk Flowers By Jean was Born. My own Wedding Flowers Decorate a Shelf in My Living Room where I love seeing them every day! I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with my mom, and additional family members in creating Custom Silk & Real Touch Floral Wedding Designs, and Now Assisting Others to Reach Their Small Business Goals.

We have since had the opportunity to Design Bouquets for Wedding Parties in all 50 States and All Over the World, Including Australia, Italy, France, Singapore, Mexico, Africa, England, New Zealand, and many more. With over 50 years combined experience in perennial gardening, annual gardening, herb, dried, Hospitality, Events, Design, and Photography we will work with you to Create a Design that will be Treasured Forever. Our designs have been featured in publications including The Knot, Tinted Weddings, The Perfect Palette, Love & Lavender, Afloral, Huffington Post, Raleigh Calligraphy Blog, Bride Access, East Carolina Bride and numerous others. 

Now what is your story? What do you love? What have you been putting off? Well don’t put it off any longer, listen to your heart, listen to your gut. Trusting your instincts really does work, say scientists. 


We look forward to Working with You & Helping You Gain Your Financial & Time Freedom. Bye Bye 9 to 5! Thank you so much, Kim L King, CEO, 

Thank you to all the Amazing Customers who have allowed us to be a part of your journey!


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“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” ― Abraham Lincoln