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>How to find your ideal wedding client and why its so important to the success of your wedding business.

>Learn new strategies to connect with your ideal wedding client essential to booking more weddings.

>Where to find your ideal wedding client?

      >How to achieve your wedding growth goals define, track, and refine them      weekly to grow your wedding business.

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3 Reasons Why Your Online Wedding Business Failed This Year

Photo by Elodie Ozanne on Unsplash

1. You did not know how to attract & secure the sale with your ideal wedding couple. What do I do now? How can I be more in tune with my wedding clients attracting them to me?

Make it all about your wedding clients, we show you how to communicate with your wedding clients. Exactly where you need to be online & what you need to say. Most importantly, your audience needs to see a reflection of themselves — not you.

2. You did not have a strategic measurable plan in place to grow your wedding business. According to online research 50% of online business fail in the first 4 years, having a strategic plan in place will put you ahead of the curve.

3. You do not know how to secure the online sale once you have the wedding couples attention.
  • You allowed fear and doubt to keep you from moving forward or growing as a  Wedding Professional. Fear can cause many doubts that distracts you and prevent you from achieving your main goal.
  • You face thoughts like: “I can’t grow my wedding business because…,” “I don’t think I have required wedding professional skills.” To overcome them, you need to focus on small tasks and move towards your overall goal.
  • The more you focus on the end game, the easier the obstacles on the way will become.

Are you being held back by one of these beliefs too?


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In Case you missed Day 3: Facebook Live: How to turn window shoppers into paying wedding clients using Pinterest! watch the replay here!  Presentation with screen share with real actionable steps. Let me know if you have any Pinterest questions? xx Kim

HERE IT IS! #5WeddingBizTips is back and we are so excited to dive right in. 
>How to create a Pinterest Vision Board with your wedding client and why its so important to the success of your wedding business.
>How to Use Pinterest Stats to grow your wedding business.
>Why having a Free Pinterest account is essential to growing your wedding business.
>How to leverage Pinterest group boards to grow your wedding business. Join some of our wedding group boards 

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