Pinterest The Best Free Advertising Tool Posted on 2 Apr 01:25 , 0 comments

Pinterest has been an invaluable tool to Our Etsy Shop and Small Business as Free advertising it has yielded higher returns than any paid advertising that I have used over the last 4 years in Business. Pinning our items a few times a week, has been well worth it I get over 250,000 views a month, and have had many direct sales from Pinterest. If you do not have a Pinterest account it is easy to set up or join with your Facebook account. If you do have an account please join us. 

Here is an example of a pin that has generated over $2100 in sales on Etsy It has been re-pinned over 4000 times and Favorited over 584 times at the last count. Now these are all direct sales of the actual bouquet. This does not include customers that have contacted me from the pin and asked me to make a custom set from this listing or additional items, this is one of our top selling bouquets.  It is easy to pin your Etsy listings directly to the right of your listing you will see the Pinterest button, or if you have the app on your phone even better. You always want to Pin from your listing so it leads directly back to your item, this is called a Rich Pin. As soon as I update a listing, or create a new listing I always pin it to one of my Pinterest boards even if it has been pinned before. 

Another way to assist your sales, and also help others is joining Pinterest Group Boards. If you would like to be added as a Collaborator on some of Our Group Boards you need to Follow us on Pinterest and Email Us that you would like to be added to a group board. We have over 225 Boards from Weddings, Design, Etsy Gifts Ideas, Art, & Home Decor. I will then send you an invitation to one of Our Group Boards. 

You can also Join Our New Etsy Promotion Facebook Group page All Etsians, Crafters, Artisans, or Entrepreneurs are Welcome share all of your links and we will follow you, coming soon lots of tips of how I grew my Etsy shop to making over $50000 in sales per year. Additionally I will share my tips for my Online sales from my Shopify Website. My business revenue is 100% from online sales generated from Etsy, and my Websites. I am here to tell you it can be done. I am living, breathing, proof. :)

Thank you so much, and Happy Pinning everyone!

Kim L King, Creative Director